2-4 INF


2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment Lineage

- Constituted 11 January 1812 in the Regular Army as the 14th Infantry Regiment

- Organized in March 1812 in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

- Consolidated May–October 1815 with the 18th and 20th Infantry (both constituted 11 January 1812) and the 36th and 38th Infantry (both constituted 29 January 1813) to form the 4th Infantry Regiment.

- 21 August 1816 Unspecified 4th Infantry Regiment companies redesignated as Companies A and B, 4th Infantry Regiment.

- Consolidated in March 1869 with the 30th Infantry (see 30th Infantry Regiment below) and consolidated unit designated as the 4th Infantry Regiment as follows:

- Company A, 4th infantry Regiment Consolidated with Company A, 30th Infantry Regiment

- Company B, 4th Infantry Regiment Consolidated with Company B, 30th Infantry Regiment

- Assigned 1 October 1917 to the 3d Division, and reorganized as follows:

- Company A reorganized and redesignated as HHC, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment.

- Company B reorganized and redesignated as HHC, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment.

- Regiment Stationed at the start of World War Two at Fort George Wright Walsh, Washington.

- Regiment moved to Fort Ord, California on 22 January 1940 to join the 3rd Division.

- Relieved 15 May 1940 from assignment to the 3d Division, and participated in World War II as a Separate Infantry Regiment.

- Regiment returned to Fort George Wright Walsh on 23 May 1940, and the location remained the regimental Garrison while its units rotated in and out of Fort Lewis, Washington between 1 August 1940 and 26 August 1940.

- Regiment Deployed from the Seattle Port of Embarkation on 24 December 1940.

- Regiment arrived at Anchorage, Alaska on 3 January 1941, where it was assigned to the Alaska Defense Command.

- Regiment arrived on Kodiak Island on 23 November 1942.

- Regiment arrived on Unalaska Island in 30 November 1942.

- Regiment posted to Adak Island on 8 December 1942.

- Regiment Assaulted Attu Island on 11 May 1943, and participated in the Battle For Fish Hook Ridge.

- Regiment relieved from assignment to Alaskan Defense Command, and returned to Seattle Port of Embarkation on 2 December 1943, and was stationed at Fort Lewis the same date.

- Regiment reassigned to the US Army Replacement and School Command at Fort Benning, Georgia, on 23 January 1944, where it conducted Infantry Training to prepare for the expected Invasion of the Japanese Home Islands late in 1944.

- Regiment was at Fort Benning on 14 August 1945, which is when the surrender of the Japanese was announced.

- Assigned 1 November 1945 to the 25th Infantry Division. The incumbent Personnel and Equipment were reassigned to the 4th Infantry Division at Camp Butner, North Carolina, while the regimental records and accoutrements were forwarded to Japan for Occupation Duty.

- Inactivated 31 January 1947 in Japan

- Relieved 1 February 1947 from assignment to the 25th Infantry Division

- Activated 1 October 1948 at Fort Lewis, Washington as a Separate Regiment.

- Assigned 10 October 1954 to the 71st Infantry Division

- Relieved 15 September 1956 from assignment to the 71st Infantry Division

- Reorganized 15 February 1958 as a parent regiment under the U.S. Army Combat Arms Regimental System, and assigned as follows:

- 1st Battle Group assigned to 2nd Infantry Brigade.

- 2nd Battle Group assigned to 3rd Infantry Division.

- 1st Battle Group Inactivated 2 April 1962 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

- 1st Battle Group relieved from assignment to the 2nd Infantry Brigade.

- Redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, and assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division on 18 April 1963.

- On 3 June 1963, 2nd Battle Group’s personnel and equipment were reassigned to the 1st Battalion, still with 3rd Infantry Division.

- 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment Activated on 5 June 1963.

- 2nd Battle Group redesignated at 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment on 21 July 1969 and Activated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

- Withdrawn 17 January 1986 from the Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the United States Army Regimental System

- 1st Battalion Inactivated on 16 December 1987 in Germany, and relieved from assignment to 3rd Infantry Division.

- 1st Battalion Activated on 16 November 1990 in Germany.

- 2nd Battalion Inactivated on 15 May 1991 in Germany.

- 2nd Battalion redesignated as 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment on 1 October 2005.


- Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for CHICHAGO VALLEY (1st Battalion)

- French Croix de guerre with Gilt Star, World War I for CHAMPAGNE-MARNE AISNE-MARNE

- Superior Unit Award, streamer embroidered 1983–1986 (2nd Battalion)

- Superior Unit Award, Streamer embroidered 1990 (Company C, 2nd Battalion)

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