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Welcome to the Ft Polk Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) site. This site is a tool to enable a smooth transition from the Army to the civilian workforce. Whatever your plans are for the future, preparation is the key. ACAP is here to help to do just that. ACAP can assist in the full spectrum of transition planning:

~ Self Assessment ~ Job and Skills Analysis ~ Resume Writing ~
~ Interviewing Skills ~ Salary Negotiation Skills ~
~ VA Benefits, Disability Compensation and Programs
~ Service Provider Referrals ~ Individualized Counseling and Transition Plans ~

You are eligible to begin the ACAP process up to 18 months (2 years, if retiring) prior to your scheduled separation. Personnel identified for chapter separation must attend ACAP as soon as they are identified for possible separation. Also, personnel identified for MEB/PEB must attend ACAP as soon as the MEB/PEB process starts. The sooner you begin, the better for you will be able to utilize services in accordance with your schedule, and the mision of your unit.

Ft Polk ACAP Staff


ACAP Transition Services Manager (TSM)

ACAP Contract Installation Manager (CIM)

Transition/Outplacement Counselors


The current staff consists of the TSM, the CIM, 3 Transition/Outplacement Counselors, 1 Soldier Family Assistance (SFAC) Transition/Outplacement Counselor and an Administrative Specialist.

The TSM oversees the ACAP, the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), and the ACAP Center at Ft Polk, LA.





Pre-separation Briefings are conducted every Monday - Friday in the center. The briefings are mandated by law for all transitioning Military Personnel. The briefings are 2 hours in duration with a 30-minute Initial Counseling (one-on-one) session for a total of 2.5 hours. Appointments to attend these briefings may be obtained by calling 337- 531-1591 or by going to Additionally, there is an option to complete the 2 hour portion of the briefing online before visiting the center for the required Initial Counseling session. The online briefing is located at Information and/or assistance in navigating this web site may be obtained by calling the center at 337-531-1591.

If you require more information about ACAP, how it pertains to you, or what we have to offer you may visit us at Bldg 4275, 7435 California Ave (on the Ft Polk Airfield) or call us at 337-531-1591, or visit