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Forging the Warrior Spirit

COG's Message
Picture of the JRTC Commander of OPSGRP
Christopher C. LaNeve
Welcome to the Operations Group, Joint Readiness Training Center's (JRTC) Warfighting Function Best Practices Web Site. This site provides timely and relevant doctrine based, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), as well as observed best practices from previous unit training rotations at JRTC. The site is a resource that can assist in developing home station training models, unit Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs), and staff Mission Command processes and systems SOPs. Every warfighting function on the site includes a point of contact who will respond to questions from the field. I encourage leaders to review the site and make use of products that they find practical and of value to their organization. The information here will assist units as they prepare for a training deployment to JRTC, but it is not solely focused on the training center. You will find that the majority of the TTPs and SOPs are universal in their application and designed to increase unit readiness for any contingency operation.
CSM's Message
Picture of the JRTC's Command Sergeant M
Paul R. Bayless
Welcome to the Operations Group, Joint Readiness Training Center's (JRTC) best practices web site. As the backbone of the Army, Noncommissioned Officers are instrumental in ensuring the unit is trained and ready for any mission. Use the information found in this website to assist with training your Soldiers. Come prepared and ready to execute your mission.

For security concerns all JRTC OPSGRP links lead to information stored on AKO. After logging into AKO you should be forwarded to the information requested. Any issues or concerns please use the 'Contact Us' button.

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