Joint Readiness Training Center, 3rd BN, 353rd Regiment - Joint Security Force Assistance (JSFA)

Course Description:

3rd Battalion, 353rd Regiment, Operations Group, JRTC conducts the Joint Security Force Assistance (JSFA) course in order to train National-Level individual Combat Advisors and AFPAK Hands from the Army, Navy and Air Force on the skills they need to operate independently overseas.

Service members attending JSFA will get detailed, small-group instruction on a wide range of topics in order to better prepare them for the advising mission. These include combat and survivability skills encompassing small arms and crew-served weapons live fires, basic and advanced M4 and M9 qualification, concealed weapons carry, tactical vehicle operation, land navigation, Combat Lifesaver training, personnel recovery, foreign weapons identification, and military communications training.

Also, they are given instruction and practical exercise in interpersonal communication skills including: using an interpreter, cross-cultural communication, negotiating techniques, leader engagements, building rapport and understanding human behavior. They also receive functionally-based SFA and advisement training, with a focus on engagements with HNSF role players recruited from Afghanistan and Iraq; many of the role players are simulating the same occupation they previously held in their respective country. The soldiers conduct multiple engagements with the cultural role players, giving them a chance to practice their skills in a realistic environment.

In addition, they are provided language training as well as a familiarization of the culture and environment of the area to which they are deploying. The course culminates with advanced Counter-IED training and an urban operations exercise drawing upon all the survivability and advising skills they have been taught.

JSFA is a 7 week Program of Instruction with classes occurring 5-6 days a week (most Saturdays are reserved for retraining as needed). The course size is up to 80 students per class. Students are billeted at North Fort Polk, with a mess facility, MWR facility, gym and shoppette available for student use (organized physical training is conducted every weekday morning).

For units and service members interested in attending the course, please contact the following number based on branch of service.
For Army personnel, contact (337) 653-3737
Navy Personnel, contact (337) 653-2450
Air Force personnel, contact (228) 233-7618

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