Joint Readiness Training Center, 3rd BN, 353rd Regiment, 52nd TICO

Mission Statement:

52nd TICO provides flexible, uniformed, native/heritage language interpretation, translation, and regional cultural awareness support to the maneuver forces through the Army Service Component Command of the Combatant Command as well as support to Security Cooperation, Security Forces Assistance, and Regionally Aligned Forces training.

52nd TICO is capable of providing support with over 14 languages, including 10+ dialects of Arabic. We have Soldiers with heritages from 14 different countries who provide unrivaled detail to cultural awareness training and engagements with our foreign partners. TICO has supported Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational missions, as well as SOF from nearly all branches of service. We are constantly looking for the next mission in order to support our fellow Soldiers, as well as challenge ourselves as 09L Translators/Interpreters.

image of TICO language capabilities map

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