Last Updated
May 9, 2016

The Environmental Training section offers the following courses.

Environmental Compliance Officer’s (ECO) Course (40 hrs/4 CEUs)

  • The ECO is a Soldier or employee appointed by the commander or shop supervisor to manage the organization's environmental issues.
  • ECO’s serve as the points of contact for environmental compliance and have day-to-day oversight responsibilities at the organizational level.
  • Course covers Pollution Prevention (P2), hazardous and solid waste management, employee health and safety, air and water quality, field awareness, Environment Management System (EMS), training records and reports, and energy awareness.
  • Course consists of 4.5 days of lecture and a half-day field trip.

Environmental Compliance Officer’s Recertification Course (8 hrs/.8 CEUs)

  • Required annually for all trained ECO’s to maintain certification.
  • Recertification class is a condensed version of the 40hr class highlighting changes occurring from previous year.

Observer Controller Trainer (OCT) Course (8 hrs)

This course is given in order to satisfy the requirements under the JRTC and Fort Polk land use agreement. It is designed to educate OCTs about topics including EMS, waste management in the field, vehicle refueling procedures, spill response, protection of natural and cultural resources, erosion control, and fire prevention and response. This class is given in conjunction with the JRTC OCT Course.

Observer Controller Trainer Recertification Course (4 hrs)

  • Required annually for all trained OCTs to maintain certification.
  • Recertification class is a condensed version of the 8hr class highlighting changes occurring from previous year.
  • This class is given on an "as needed" or "as requested" basis. 
  • To schedule this course, call Environmental Training @ 337-531-4910.
Energy Awareness Officer (EAO) Course (4 hrs)
  • The Energy Awareness course is given on behalf of the Fort Polk energy manager in conjunction with the ECO course.
  • Directors and Supervisors are required to appoint Energy Awareness Officers (EAOs) on orders as necessary, to achieve organizational compliance with the Commander's energy policy.
  • Is required for all energy managers/officers.

Commander/1SG Briefing

  • 20-30 minute briefing that outlines the Fort Polk Environmental requirements as they relate to the duties of unit level management.
  • Consists of a general overview of the Fort Polk EMS, ECO requirements and tracking, Indoor Air Quality, Net Zero, and other environmental policies.
  • Given as part of the G3 Commander/1SG Course.

Sustainable Range Awareness Training (SRAT) (1 hr online)

Sustainable Range Awareness Training
  • Two-part course designed to inform students about issues on both Fort Polk and U.S. Forest Service ranges and training areas.
  • First portion of the course is web-based and all personnel conducting training on Fort Polk are encouraged to complete this portion.
  • Second portion is held in a classroom environment and given in conjunction with the G3 Range Safety class.

School of Standards (SOS) Briefing

  • Weekly brief given to newly arrived Soldiers on the Installation.

For information about classes, please call 337-531-4910.

To schedule any of the ECO or EAO classes, please call G3 Schools @ 337-531-5067.