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Traditional Protestant Service

Sunday's 9:00a.m. ~ Glory Chapel

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The Fort Polk Traditional Protestant Service! We are a congregation that utilizes traditional hymns and preaching as the centerpiece of our worship. Additionally, we conduct a Children’s Church simultaneously with the service for kids ages 4-11. If you enjoy a traditional worship experience, this service is for you!


Liturgical Services

Upon Request ~ Glory Chapel

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What does "liturgical" even mean? Great question, and one that comes up more often than you'd think. The definition of liturgical literally means "of or relating to formal public worship or Eucharistic service." In essence, there is a formal pattern to worship. However, John Shore notes, "[Christians throughout history have] understood that the traditional, ritualized, formally structured way of worshiping would for many always resonate in a powerful, deeply inspiring way." Often liturgical worship is patterned quite similarly to that of a Methodist, Anglican, or Lutheran service. If this form of worship is something you are interested in, for infant baptisms and other liturgical oriented services please contact us at 337.531.8414.


Women Ministry

Tuesday's 9:00a.m. ~ Protestant Woman of the Chapel - Main Post Chapel

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Welcome to PWOC! You can find a local PWOC group at many military chapel communities around the world. PWOC is a place where women can seek God and connect with each other. It is a place of Bible study, prayer, fellowship, friendship, and spiritual growth that adds to the richness of our military communities and missions around the world. The Protestant Women of the Chapel is a resource network that unites, trains and encourages women in the military chapel community in their spiritual growth.


Wednesdays's 9:00a.m. ~ Catholic Woman of the Chapel - Main Post Chapel


We reflect a visible presence of Christ in our military community by fostering and nourishing women in spirituality, leadership, and service. Through faith, study, and fellowship, we continue to grow as women, wives, mothers, and daughters- strengthening our role as pillars in both our Church and family. Come join us!


Youth of the Chapel (Y.O.C.)

Thursday's 6:30p.m. ~ Siegfried Youth Center

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Youth of the Chapel is a weekly faith-based outreach program designed for High school and Middle school military youth. Y.O.C. strives to build spiritual resilience and fortitude into military youth. Y.O.C. is about fun, friendship, fellowship, and faith. Come join us this week. For more information contact our Youth Coordinator today at 337.531.7151.



Children Ministry

Wednesday's 5:30p.m. ~ Main Post Chapel

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Every week across the globe some 2 million children participate in Awana, Fort Polk is one of those sites. We strive to offer our military children and youth a place to build to learn and build their faith through fellowship and to explore the most important book ever written, the Bible. Fort Polk season kicks off September 9, 2015. Join us each Wednesday night at 5:30p.m. at Main Post Chapel. Come for the fun, stay for the knowledge and the discipleship. For More information find us on Facebook or 337-531-7151.



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