The Army's Vision

is to appropriately manage our natural resources with a goal of net zero installations. Today the Army faces significant threats to our energy and water supply requirements both home and abroad. Addressing energy security and sustainability is operationally necessary, financially prudent, and essential to mission accomplishment. The goal is to manage our installations not only on a net zero energy basis, but net zero water and waste as well. The Army must invest in its installations and improve efficiencies in energy, water and waste for the benefit of our current and future missions.

What is Net Zero Waste?

In a nutshell...ZERO waste is sent to a landfill!

A net zero waste installation is an installation that reduces, reuses, and recovers waste streams.

How do we get there?

Using a simplified 3-step process:

  1. Start with what is easy: Recycling! Get started! No fancy containers are needed, just a couple of cardboard boxes and a few signs.

  2. See your trash can as $$$! No one would ever think of throwing money away, but when we throw away something that can be reused or recycled, we are doing exactly that.

  3. Educate: Make people aware of what you are doing to achieve Net Zero Waste and how they can help!

Last Updated: September 30, 2015